Noises that You Shouldn’t Hear from Your AC

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Do you ignore the weird sounds that your car starts to make? You probably don’t, especially if you haven’t heard them before. Ignoring weird sounds can result in costly repairs and can put you at risk as well. Though weird sounds from your AC unit may not really mean that you’re at risk, they can mean trouble for the comfort of your house. That is why it is always ideal not to ignore those weird noises.  

You will have to contact a professional air conditioning repair service North Port company if you’ve noticed that your AC unit has begun making weird sounds that are annoying or out of place.  

Here are some of the noises you should be wary of: 


This is perhaps contradictory to what we’re talking about. However, you should not have a unit that does not create any type of sounds. Your AC unit is probably not running if it is completely silent. You will have to call an expert right away if you turn on your AC unit and you do not hear any sounds at all. 


At the end or start of the cooling cycle, your AC might create a brief amount of clicking. Unfortunately, extended periods with clicking noises are not ideal since it means something is up with your thermostat or your AC itself.  


A buzzing sound from the AC unit isn’t normal. Typically, this noise is a sign of an issue with the electrical parts of your system. It’s much better if you have it checked by an expert technician. 


Clanging or clanking sounds typically follow a rattling sound. The reason for this is that clanging noise means that the loose components were not tightened in time and came free. This is a more severe sound since the loose components can do some major damage inside the unit. 


Does it sound like there’s something shaking around inside the unit? A rattling sound is typically an indication that you’ve got a loose component inside the unit such as a screw or bolt. Typically, they’re shaking around their housing. Tackle this noise before those components break free.  


This annoying and harsh sound is one that you should not ignore. Screaming or screeching noises coming from the AC unit indicate there’s a severe issue such as a blower motor belt that has worn out or a loose fan blade scraping around the unit’s interior.  


You might hear hissing and assume it’s the normal sound of air being pushed from the AC system. However, you should not mistake a hiss for a whoosh. Hissing is not a great noise to hear from the AC unit. This noise is probably caused by a clogged air filter. Luckily, you can easily prevent this if you replace your air filter regularly. On the other hand, hissing sounds might be caused by a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, you should hire a professional HVAC technician to examine the leak and fix it right away.  

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