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Windshield Damages You Shouldn’t Ignore 

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Your windshield offers both vital protection for your passengers and yourself and structural support for your car. However, your safety might be at risk if the glass suffers cracks or chips. While a lot of drivers see fixing small windshield damage as a voluntary pursuit, taking care of windshield cracks and chips really is not discretional. It is vital. Here are several windshield damages that you should not ignore. If you’ve got at least one of these damages, you have to avail a windshield repair service right away.  


Floater Cracks 

Floater cracks appear simply like edge cracks. However, instead of happening near the windshield’s perimeter, they happen at least 2 inches from the edge. Drastic temperature variations can easily cause this type of crack to spread. Thus, immediate windshield repair is vital if you have one. Usually, this type of windshield damage is considered irreparable if the size surpasses 6 inches. This makes windshield replacement a requirement.  

Star Breaks 

This type of windshield damage contains a main impact point in the center and is surrounded by tiny cracks that appear like tentaclesThese small cracks extend outward. For minor star breaks, windshield repair is an appropriate choice. On the other hand, windshield replacement is unavoidable if the damage spreads.  

Even after an effective repair, it might pose a safety threat if a star break exists within the line of sight of the driver. The reason for this is that it can influence the ability of the driver to see. On such occasions, windshield repair professionals suggest replacing the windshield in general.  

Bullseye Cracks  

Bullseye cracks look like the bullseye of a dartboard, as the name suggests. There is an ultimate impact point that usually appears circular in shape. These cracks develop because of the direct impacts on the windshield. This can include large or small items.  

This type of crack can spread quickly with additional impact or under pressure. Aside from affecting your vision field, it also compromises the glass’ structural integrity. In general, windshield repair is possible for this problem. This is particularly true as long as they: 

  • Don’t have debris or dirt ground into the crack 
  • Aren’t in the line of sight of the driver directly 
  • Have a diameter of less than one inch 

Immediate windshield repair is vital for small bullseye cracks. This is to prevent suffering further windshield damage. You have to replace your windshield right away if it suffers a serious bullseye crack.  

Edge Cracks 

This type of crack starts within 2 inches of your windshield’s edge. It also extends all the way to the edge. Typically, these cracks form because of excessive pressure around the windshield’s perimeter and usually extend 10 to 12 inches.  

Edge cracks can spread easily because of their considerable length. They can also spread under low pressure. That’s why immediate repairs are vital. Visit a windshield repair professional right away if you’ve got a small edge crack. You should not ignore this type of crack. This is particularly true if the crack is around 6 inches or more.  

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